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March 14th, 2017

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05:46 pm - mixin'
Well, it looks like I've given up on LiveJournal, much later than most people. It seems wrong to post here when I don't read other people's posts, but I still want to catalog my mixes here.

Okay, so here's my latest playlist:

1 Bob by Weird Al
2 On Earth My Nina by They Might Be Giants
3 Exodus Damage by John Vanderslice
4 Thunderbird by They Might Be Giants
5 Be Brave by My Brightest Diamond
6 O We by They Might Be Giants
7 Meccanic Dancing (Oh We Go!) by XTC
8 There by They Might Be Giants
9 Margaret Freeman by The Residents
10 Token Back To Brooklyn by They Might Be Giants
11 Hoist That Rag by Tom Waits
12 Please Pass The Milk by They Might Be Giants
13 Fake Palindromes by Andrew Bird
14 I Palindrome I by They Might Be Giants
15 Pulaski at Night by Andrew Bird
16 My Other Phone Is a Boom Car by They Might Be Giants
17 Earth Died Screaming by Tom Waits
18 32 Footsteps by They Might Be Giants
19 The Black Behind by The Residents
20 Sleep by They Might Be Giants
21 Making Plans For Nigel by XTC
22 Which Describes How You're Feeling by They Might Be Giants
23 Pressure by My Brightest Diamond
24 Minimum Wage by They Might Be Giants
25 Coming And Going On Easy Terms by John Vanderslice
26 Space Suit by They Might Be Giants
27 Pac-Man by Weird Al

You can listen to it here.

This is another high-concept one. It's a palindrome, going by artist. Also, every other song is by TMBG. I tried not to drown everything else out by favoring the really short ones with guest vocalists.

Naturally I had to include every song I knew that's specifically about palindromes, which is 3 of them. That's not a lot but I bet most people don't know that many palindrome-related songs. Fortunately, I also like those ones. In fact, I think Bob might be my favorite Weird Al song. When most people think of palindromes the only ones they know are usually "racecar" or the one about the Panama Canal, but that song is made entirely out of some really complex ones, and it sounds good too! I wonder what someone who didn't know the concept would make of it. I'm pretty sure I knew what it was before I heard it.

This took a long time to curate, especially after I remembered that On Earth My Nina is sort of a backwards version of Thunderbird, so of course I had to include them both; I had no choice. The problem was finding a place for them. At first I tried putting them at opposite ends, but it didn't really work (and Space Suit should only be at the end). I guess it only really makes sense to have them back to back, but then I would have to put them in the middle, and I didn't want to do that. Now they are separated by a 5-minute song. Maybe it would be better to have them separated by a short song so that you can feel the effect, but maybe you can't feel it anyway. Oh well.
Current Mood: too hot to hoot

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Date:October 17th, 2017 10:15 pm (UTC)


i used to be friends with you on here 14 years ago. i happened by chance to be in a nostalgic mood so i logged in. you're the last friend standing. so weird to think of what a thriving community this was.

hope you're well and best wishes.

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