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bass thing - Asa

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May 28th, 2016

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02:57 pm - bass thing
I did a bass thing

Full albums have limited appeal because most YouTube users get bored after, like, a minute of anything, but since I'm doing something that's popular this time maybe this will get some attention. (Well, the ones I did for Pixies and System Of A Down have about a thousand views each so that's pretty decent.) Some British kid who's probably half my age did basically the same thing and he even did it better than me so that's annoying. At least my video looks better.

The most difficult thing about making this video was the wires. I hate wires so much. I'm apparently the only person who has this much trouble with them and I don't understand how most people put up with them. I guess it helps that wireless setups have latency issues and/or are expensive. Pieces of equipment involved in the making of this: record player, record pre-amp, bass pre-amp, audio mixer, computer. Most of these have a wire for input and a wire for output and a power cord. Oh, of course there was also the video camera. Oh yeah, and there was a bass guitar invovled in this too. Getting all this set up so that I can be in frame the way I want requires moving all these things around and unplugging everything and plugging everything back in. Holy gosh darn crap. I wish I didn't care so much about sounding good, especially since the resulting sound quality isn't great anyway.

I wonder what else I was going to write. I bet it was awesome.
Current Music: Derek And The Dominoes - Layla

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