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November 19th, 2015

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07:38 pm - motel adventures
Hi, I'm grumpy because my home is being torn apart and the smoke detector won't stop chirping and Donald Trump is saying horrible things. His latest thing: He thinks maybe Muslims should have to be registered and given special identification. You know, Republican protestors (at least of the Tea Party variety) jump at any chance to compare Obama to Hitler, no matter how spurious and random, and now the guy who might be their presidential nominee is blatantly advocating one of the racist policies of Nazi Germany. My dislike of the US has lessened as I've gotten older, but I kind of don't want to live in a country where there's even a slight chance someone like that could be its leader.

Anyway, back to what I was trying to write about. Two months ago I was about to leave for two weeks and the apartment maintenance people told us they'd have to do work on our bathroom. I thought: That's good, I'll be away while they deal with that. Well, they didn't start it until a few days ago. The managers told us they'd reimburse us for up to $100 a day if we went to a hotel. That didn't give us a lot of options, especially since we needed to find a place that allows cats. We decided on Motel 6. Before we came here I was looking at information on the motel and came across some reviews, and I was unhappy to discover that they were all extremely negative. They mostly complained about how dirty everything was. One person said they had to borrow blankets from someone else and they couldn't walk on the floor without shoes. Well, it's downright clichéd to say that people who post reviews online are too full of themselves to give an accurate depiction, but I don't like clichés so I preferred to believe the reviews were accurate. (Also, generally the joke is on Yelp users and this was part of Google, but people who joke about Yelp might not be giving accurate depictions either.)

The reviews made me dread coming here but it's not that bad. It's a little dirty but nothing I can't live with. The wifi sucks but of course it does. The TV includes HBO but it's surprisingly low-quality. It's like the picture has maybe half the definition it's supposed to and then it's stretched into an imitation of full definition. I don't even know how that saves them money but I guess it must. These aren't big deals though, since this is a cheap place. You expect that kind of thing from a cheap place. However, what I don't think is up to snuff is that the toilet and the smoke detector are being weird. The toilet kept refilling every 5 minutes because apparently it was losing water. I looked inside and poked around and that seemed to fix it, but now it's doing it again. The smoke detector chirps once a minute, which seems to indicate that it needs a new battery. This is really annoying and I think it's frightening the cat, which is why she's hiding under the bed. It occurs to me that the toilet tank cover is sort of heavy, so I could use it to smash the smoke detector into tiny bits. I almost wish I were the kind of person who would do that sort of thing.

Yesterday the cleaning lady came and I was surprised at how little I could understand her. She apologized for her English. It's really weird to me that someone should apologize for not being bilingual. She was extremely polite, to the point where it made me uncomfortable. I mean, everyone makes me uncomfortable, but this pushed it beyond that. It was like she thought there was a chance I could be a supreme asshole who would try to get her fired just for the fun of it, and because of her difficulty with English, I bet someone could do that if they wanted to. Maybe that sort of person would stay here. Maybe that's the sort of person who would destroy a motel's smoke detector with a toilet tank cover.

I told her about the smoke detector and she said someone from the front desk would have to deal with that. Then when she left I couldn't find the cat. I looked everywhere in the room and she wasn't anywhere. I thought it was very unlikely that she would have run outside while the cleaning lady had the door open, because that's not the kind of thing she'd do, and we probably would have seen her if she had. Still, I went outside and looked around for a bit but there were no cats. Then when I tried to get back into the room, my key card didn't work. I went down to the office and since the room was in kotra's name they had to call him up and verify that I was supposed to be there. (He's on his own adventure in a casino in California.) They reset the keys and I came back into the room and the cat was under the bed. I don't know where she was hiding. Maybe she was up inside the bed or something.

Also, the smoke detector had stopped chirping, so I assumed that someone had come and dealt with it while I was gone... but then today it started chirping again! It's very annoying. I should call the front desk about it but I already tried telling people about it and that didn't quite work, so obviously telling people is not the solution. This is bad logic but it's the only logic I've got.

Last night I went to the apartment to do some laundry and play some bass. My key didn't work in my apartment either! There are two locks, one on the knob and one above it; I never use the one above. The people who were tearing things apart locked both locks when they left. When I tried to unlock the second lock, it didn't work. There must be something wrong with my key. Fortunately the apartment manager was nearby so she went and got her master key and it worked. Inside, the only difference was that the walls by the bathtub had been removed. Today I went back again and they were still working on it; this time they had the wall in all torn up on the side of the living room, so they had to move everything away from that and everything was all everywhere. Apparently they had to wait to do the major stuff until today because they had to turn off the water in the whole building.

Tomorrow we're going back, but things aren't going to be done yet so it's going to be awkward. I wish the motel would let us check out later than 11.
Current Music: Midnight Oil - Arctic World

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