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September 12th, 2015

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07:21 am - Europeans
I used to think Europeans were pretty cool. I'd encounter them online and they were much smarter than the Americans I knew, mostly because they had access to better education. They even spoke English better than me (except, of course, for people from the UK and Ireland). It was like they embraced education as a part of who they were, instead of begrudgingly accepting it as a distraction from who they were. Europe: the nerd continent.

Then I got to know them better and I was horrified to discover the attitudes on race some of them had. It seems like half of white Europeans (hopefully it's a lot less) believe things about dark-skinned people that only the most ignorant Americans believe. This is especially noticeable with the recent wave of migrants from Syria. Naturally this migration causes a lot of problems but plenty of white Europeans see this as an inherent problem with, like, the people of Syria or something. I suppose they think that if a horde of white people were coming to a new land, everything would be fine. Such stupidity.

(To be more accurate: "They come from areas such as the Middle East (Syria, Iraq), Africa (Eritrea, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Gambia), the Western Balkans (Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia) and South Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh)." - Wikipedia)

I worry something like the Holocaust is going to happen again in Europe. It's not going to be in Germany, because they're so strictly anti-Nazi now, which I think has a bit to do with how Nazis are now the favorite villains in culture so when the average moron hears a German accent they think, "Oh, a Nazi!" It'll probably happen somewhere like Hungary. The way Hungarians react to the migrants proves that every Hungarian is a horrible bigot. (Not really! I was making a joke!) There were more than just Jews killed in the Holocaust, but if you say that too publicly someone will call you an antisemite. One of the other groups the Nazis tried to destroy were the Roma, AKA Gypsies. Unfortunately, the plight of Roma in Europe hasn't gotten a lot better since then. They're still considered a nuisance for not assimilating (the same reason a lot of Europeans didn't like Jews a hundred years ago). A few years ago I was talking to my friend from Hungary about the Roma. I was shocked to hear him express the opinion that they were inferior people. He insisted that it wasn't racism, it was truth, because that's what he was taught in school. So much for European education!

White people (at least, the white people who don't experience much oppression) often think they understand oppression very well, but most of the white people I see or hear talking about it have no idea what they're talking about. It's the people who bear the brunt of oppression who really understand what's going on, even if they have less access to education. Since I'm a white person, does that mean everything I'm writing here is ignorant crap? Well, I hope not.

One major difference between here and Europe is that most white Europeans' ancestors were in the same place for thousands of years. Here, complaining that the descendants of indigenous people (which most Hispanic people are to some degree, but I think it's weird that you can have 100% European ancestry and not be considered white) are coming to take your stuff is completely ridiculous. In Europe, it's a tad less ridiculous.

My theory: People with light skin are naturally afraid of people with dark skin. To a white colonist who just got off the boat yesterday, you look more mysterious. You're harder to see at night. Therefore, the light-skinned people have a subconscious need to convince themselves that the dark-skinned people have to be kept down. They tell themselves it's a moral issue, because they can't admit they're behaving like animals. (Awful white people sometimes say black people behave like animals, so I'm throwing it back in their face. Take that, them.)

Maybe I'm lucky I grew up in New York State. It was about as far away from New York City as you could get while still being in the state, but the enlightenment from that huge city influenced the whole state's educational system. They went to a great deal of trouble to impress upon us the notion that hating someone for their race was very bad. (Some people call that brainwashing, but those people suck.) Since I left school I've learned that a lot of what I learned in school was untrue or incomplete; even some of the race stuff was oversimplified to the point of being useless, because they apparently thought they needed to make it like that in order for children to get the message. Still, the overall message of "people are people no matter their background" stuck with me. It's just logic, isn't it? When I hear arguments to the contrary I can barely understand how someone with an education would believe them.

However, these educated Europeans I'm talking about believe plenty of stuff like that. For example, one of my friends insists that he has the true side of things because his sources aren't part of the mainstream media. I've encountered this attitude from many people, and I have to say: What? Huh? I don't understand. I mean, I understand the argument, but people actually take it seriously? What? Huh? Pretty much everyone is aware that the mainstream media has some serious problems (not counting the millions and millions of people who watch Fox News and buy their absurd assertion that they're not part of the MSM) but that somehow proves that everything else is true? I can't wrap my head around how anyone can wrap their head around that.

I no longer hold education in such high regard. When I tried to get a job, the saying "it's not what you know, it's who you know" was the purest truth. I had, just barely, gotten a bachelor's degree, but whom did I know? It became clear how much I'd screwed myself by avoiding socialization in college... but if you understood my level of social anxiety, I don't think you'd blame me. (They put me on some drugs that helped a lot but I think it was too late by then.) If I had hung out with all the other partiers and repeatedly gotten so drunk I vomited (I felt so sorry for the janitors) I'd probably be a lot better off now. Maybe I'd have more in-person friends and a job and a girlfriend/wife and a drinking problem. Actually, that's probably not true since my brain doesn't seem to work right. Anyway, I found all that partying to be very stupid, but I didn't realize that being smart wasn't always good for me, especially since I was nowhere near as smart as I thought. If you're really smart you know when to break the rules, but I can't deal with that much uncertainty, which is why I'm always standing still at crosswalks when the sign is showing the red hand even though there are no cars coming.
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Date:September 12th, 2015 04:57 pm (UTC)


The chancellor of Austria recently said the same. "It reminds me of the Holocaust" he said. Godwinning is always fun, isn't it? Jews never migrated anywhere en-masse and demanded handouts. They were productive members of society and the only reason they got a bad rap was because they were the only people who could touch money (christians thought it was bad and interest rates are considered haram by islam) because that was all they were allowed to do. So how did that lead to them being the bad guys? They were associated with money and thus associated with the good and the bad. And what do people remember? You don't need a degree in anything to know the answer to that.
Second of all, you cannot possibly imagine the amount of spin ANYBODY puts on the news. This goes both ways. So to pretend that either are going to tell the whole story is wrong, so your friend's story is biased just like your own story will be. Here: https://youtu.be/4xss0Ep1MJM
Thirdly, that there will be a holocaust is nothing new. However, you are mistaken as to who the target will be. The new Jews are, drumroll please, still the Jews.
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Date:September 17th, 2015 05:09 pm (UTC)

Re: Fallacies

I guess I should say "Europe-based genocide". I think the fallout of WWII showed the world that you can't commit genocide against white people. There have been plenty of genocides since then but rarely against white people. If some country did start putting Jews in trains again the entire world would be quick to declare war on it.

I have trouble with these kinds of arguments because I always feel like the other person's sources are wrong, because I have a better idea of what the truth is... but then, that's exactly what the other person thinks. People believe what they want and then they find sources that agree with them and ignore sources that don't. It seems like all arguments are pointless except when there are undecided passersby.

Sometimes you sound exactly like Americans who complain the country is being ruined by immigrants from the south... except white Americans are worried Hispanics are going to take their jobs, since they're well aware that the trip here isn't for the lazy. It's funny that the thing that bothers you most about your migrants is that they're supposedly not going to contribute to society. I think your hatred of them stems from your hatred of yourself for not being able to contribute as much as you think you should. Well, you shouldn't hate yourself for it. The needs of any given society aren't the same as the abilities of every individual in it. If they were, that would be quite a coincidence.

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