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Things that remind me of other things - Asa

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September 5th, 2015

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04:26 pm - Things that remind me of other things
Situations often remind me of other situations, but these ones are consistent. They all seem to involve entertainment.

When I'm on an escalator I think of this Nirvana interview where Krist Novoselic complains about people standing still on escalators. I make sure I'm always walking on them, unless there's someone ahead of me standing still.

When I make French toast, I'm reminded of this scene from Kramer Vs. Kramer where Dustin Hoffman's character Kramer wakes up to discover that Meryl Streep's character Kramer has left him and their son. He pretends he's not freaking out and tries to make a breakfast of French toast and fails miserably.

When I take out the trash I think of a scene from The Shield where the cops are interrogating a suspect who lives in an apartment building and they find it very suspicious that he took out the trash after it had just been collected. He explained that he preferred to do it that way because there was more room. The Shield was a pretty good show but that was awfully dumb. Why would someone time their trash disposal based on when it's going to be collected? Do they just keep bags of trash lying around for days until the appropriate time? I doubt anyone involved with the creation of that scene ever lived in an apartment.

When I wash a cucumber I think of the tonally inappropriate intro to Masters Of Sex. The intro is goofy but the show is usually very serious, although it does have occasional goofy moments. The music is nice though.

Also, about 10% of things people say remind me of song lyrics, but that's a different story.
Current Music: Adriano Celentano - Storia D'Amore

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Date:September 7th, 2015 06:27 pm (UTC)
Somehow our infant, and things that we say to/about him, keep reminding me of Eminem lyrics. Weird the connections we make...

As for escalators and moving sidewalks, I typically walk on them, but if I'm not walking (because I'm injured or carrying something heavy) I always stand as far right as possible. I think it's usually "understood" that right is for standing, left is for walking, and a lot of places have signs to that effect (though not all).

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