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my latest mix - Asa

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June 27th, 2015

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02:56 pm - my latest mix
I did that thing that I do. You know the thing. I even went through the trouble of making a video out of all the songs so I could share this with the world, but YouTube's copyright whatsits have gotten to be unpredictable. A few of the songs were blocked in almost every country. I considered replacing them with other songs but it's not worth it. Those songs might get blocked, or currently available songs might be blocked in the future, and hardly anyone would listen anyway.

Well, here's the track list along with some links to the songs by themselves on YouTube, in case anyone is interested enough in this to keep clicking on links.

  1. Cliff Martinez - Son Of Placenta Previa
  2. Oomph - Kontrollverlust
  3. Sufjan Stevens - Drawn To The Blood
  4. Flock Of Dimes feat. Sylvan Esso - Don't Dream It's Over
  5. Sophie Hunger - Supermoon
  6. Phil Ochs - Rehearsals For Retirement
  7. In Extremo - Alles schon gesehen
  8. Jack White - Would You Fight For My Love?
  9. Tom Waits - Dirt In The Ground
  10. They Might Be Giants - Didn't Kill Me
  11. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Mercy Seat
  12. Wye Oak - Logic Of Color
  13. Alabama Shakes - Don't Wanna Fight
  14. Major Lazer feat. Mr. Lexx & Santigold - Hold The Line
  15. Einstürzende Neubauten - On Patrol In No Man's Land
  16. Laibach - Get Back
  17. Antemasque - Providence
  18. Emigrate feat. Lemmy Kilmister - Rock City
  19. Eluveitie - Helvetios
  20. Alexandre Desplat - Check Point 19 Criminal Internment Camp Overture
  21. My Brightest Diamond - Pressure
  22. They Might Be Giants - Music Jail, Pt. 1 & 2

While I'm at it, here's a video I made that didn't get blocked. It's me playing bass to songs by The Residents! Wow.


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