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Video thoughts - Asa

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April 19th, 2015

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01:50 pm - Video thoughts
I finally made this:

It took an embarrassingly long time. Partly this is because the sound was bothering kotra the roommate too much even though I wear headphones (I think this instrument is louder without amplification than it should be, probably related to it being the cheapest one I could find with 5 strings and 24 frets) so now I usually only play when he's away, although he's away a lot of the time. Also, that's 19 songs. That's a lot of songs. This Might Be A Wiki has many bass tabs but it didn't have most of the songs on this album, and some of the ones it did have were way off. This meant I had to figure out most of it myself. A lot of them were pretty simple but some of them were wickedly complicated (namely A Self Called Nowhere and Dirt Bike). Usually when I learn a song myself I just remember it, but it would have been hard to remember all this stuff so I made my own tabs and I posted them to that there wiki. People were very grateful but I wonder if anyone will use them.

I don't make these videos to get views; it's more like I want to learn how to play songs and making a video to be potentially scrutinized seems the best way to reach my goal. I know they're only of interest to people who are familiar with the particular music I've chosen and have a passing interest in bass (and also people who like me too much). Still, when I upload this kind of thing I'm inevitably disappointed that I don't get a bigger response. Then I feel stupid because it's not reasonable to expect someone to watch me make noise for an hour. Then I feel like I should pass it around a lot in case people do want to see it, then I feel like I'm being obnoxious and braggy by talking about it too much. I guess my point is: Feelings are dumb.

Back to the subject of cheap things, my cheap old camera is a real pain. I hope to get a cheap new camera at some point, one with display that swivels. With this one, the display just sits there and it has that annoying LED quality where it looks all wrong if you look at it from an angle, but if you look at it straight on your head is in the way! Several times I'd test it by making a quick video then unscrewing it from the tripod, but of course when I screwed it back on it wouldn't be in exactly the same place. Plus I had to stand pretty far away so I couldn't see it very well. I ended up having it pointed too low so you can't see most of my face, but I guess that's okay because I'm tired of looking at my dumb face all the time. Unfortunately that means that the focus is on my huge torso so I got to look at that constantly while I edited this together. I keep forgetting how large I am. Often when I look at the mirror I'm surprised and confused. Maybe I should eat less chocolate... but chocolate is great! Hooray for chocolate.

The most frustrating thing about this is how I somehow manage to have performance anxiety even though there's no one there. Just the fact that I'll probably be seen in the future messes me up. I made several rehearsal videos and that was much harder than when I was playing without recording, but making the actual video was brutal. I started with a great many false starts, mostly because of the bass slapping on Snail Shell. It's a little harder to hit the strings with your thumb on a 5-string guitar that takes up the same space as the standard 4-string, but I could do it fine when I wasn't recording. Then when I turned the camera on I kept hitting the wrong strings. I eventually got it good enough and went on to perform the rest of the album good enough, but not as good as I wanted to. I messed up minorly with annoying frequency, plus I totally whiffed the opening to Why Must I Be Sad because I was so worried about doing it wrong. After that I was completely panicked but I think I managed to get through it. The final video is nowhere near as good as I wanted it to be, but I say: Close enough! I was tired of repeatedly doing the same thing so much. Maybe if I had spent a few more weeks on it I could have played it no matter how nervous I was, but I wanted to be done. I especially want to get rid of all this hair but I wanted to wait until the video was done because I might not look good. Now I'm waiting for my hand mirror to arrive from the Amazonians. I stopped using dandruff shampoo and my entire face itches. Oh, the itching!
Current Mood: lethargic & itchy
Current Music: Sufjan Stevens - Drawn to the Blood

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